Chapter 1 cont.

He studied her for a moment and then said, "Congratulations on your promotion, which I take it you achieved despite some disadvantage inherent in having breasts."

The anger flashed across her face, but then she sighed and said, "Go back to work, you incorrigible bastard."

"It's not that I have anything against breasts, mind you. I remember them fondly (pardon the pun). My ex-wife had some. A pair, I seem to recall."

"If you want breasts, all you have to do is look at the television."

"Is that where they're kept these days? My ex used to keep hers in a holster strapped to her chest."


Their relationship was back on a solid footing. He was relieved.

"About my work...," he said, leaving the sentence dangle, incomplete.

"New project for you. Concerns NASA. Stop groaning. As you know, the space program has received our scrutiny in the past, but this time someone wants to know what it really cost for each individual, separate Apollo Mission to the Moon. Without any allocation of NASA general overhead or other excludable amounts. You've worked on the NASA data before; so it should be a piece of cake for you."

"In other words, if Congress decided to do another Moon landing, you want to know what it would cost using the existing facilities," he offered.
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