a legal thriller from Noah Bond

Aptly named, Noah Bond's second novel, The Doorstep of Depravity, is the treacherous tale of a young doctoral student who inherits millions from her late Uncle Rupert, a man she barely knew. Although this premise seems simple enough, the story includes much more than an innocent heiress from Ohio State. Instead, among a handful of unique, only mildly developed characters, the novel offers lies, deception, and misplaced trust.

Early in the book readers learn, not surprisingly, that the multimillion dollar estate has a catch. The heiress Koln Claussen, who prefers to be known as Kay, is required to marry within 60 days of her uncle's death to prove that she intends to procreate. If she fails to do so, her inheritance reverts to her money-hungry cousins. Unfazed by this harsh requirement, Kay promptly marries a former colleague and one-night stand, the charming and very Irish Denny. For the record, attorneys Grace O'Higgins and Robert Brandt, gynecologist Dr. Pantu, court reporter Luisa, and cousins Gunnar and Elke watch in stunned amazement as Kay marries Denny in a clinical ceremony.

As these events unfold at a nightmarish pace, several of the story's characters die unexpectedly, creating suspense and a desire for answers. Bond draws in both the surviving characters and readers who want to know why people are dying and who will be next. To find out the truth, O'Higgins and Brandt follow a rapidly fading trail left behind by Kay who may not be what or whom she appears to be.

Throughout the novel, Bond creates a sufficient level of interest to keep readers continuously engaged. Using just the right number of characters, the action is fast-paced and colorful. Readers will enjoy the author's word choice and flow, as well as his creativity. His style is easy to read and follow.

The foregoing is an excerpt from the book review of The Doorstep of Depravity by Dana E. Blozis for ForeWord CLARION Reviews.

The screenplay of The Doorstep of Depravity is scheduled for completion in September, 2006. Read the book anyway.

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