Just before going inside, he looked into the heavens. It was a ritual. He would scan the clear skies each evening, marveling at the brilliance of the stars overhead. He would thank his Creator for these wonders and the many blessings he had received. Although he often reflected that he had simply exchanged one desert for another, he had come a long way from his inauspicious beginnings. Then he would ask God to watch over his mother and let her know he would not forget her.

Tonight was different. The sky was disturbed. There were new stars flashing above --- hundreds of them, maybe thousands. Were they getting larger? Was that possible?

Larger meant closer. The stars were approaching him. He was awestruck. Then an explosion occurred on the outer wall of the ancient crater. Its significance took a moment to register. "Impact!" he shouted to himself in disbelief.

He scrambled toward the fragile antenna dish, hoping to save it. He had managed to disconnect it and collapse it when the first meteorite struck several meters away from him. He looked up, but the dust cloud raised by the meteorite blinded him. Carrying the antenna, he headed in the direction of shelter. Four strides later he was stumbling down the side of a small new crater. He rolled onto his back to avoid crushing the antenna.

Looking skyward, he saw the glow of his impending doom, but the meteorite passed through his skull before comprehension occurred.

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