The first rocket to reach the moon carried medallions bearing the hammer and sickle. The man responsible was Dr. Sergei Korolev, the genius behind SPUTNIK, the first man in orbit and the first space walk. His untimely death in 1966 crippled the Soviet space program. Until then, few at NASA believed Americans would be the first to walk on the moon. In the final analysis, walking on the moon was only a combination of previous Soviet accomplishments.

In secret, NASA had prepared for a Soviet first landing by embarking upon the next phase: A MOON BASE. A permanent presence on the moon required technology beyond space travel, technology the Soviet Union did not possess. This was a space race America could win — and did!

Congress withdrew the funding for further moon projects without knowing that the moon base was already operational As the president prepared to stun the world with the announcement, disaster struck. The announcement was canceled. People who knew died young. The MOON BASE became a forgotten dream until GLASNOST provided the opportunity for three Americans and two Russian scientists to combine their knowledge to discover the shocking truth.

relates the disclosure of the greatest cover-up in history and the astonishing events which it generated. Each logical step brings a stunning new revelation.

In matters related to exploration of the moon, there is a fine line between fact and fiction. COME LINE DANCING...


"NOMAD/Y is a powerfull, gritty book..."
        –The Book Reader, (Fall / Winter 2000 / 01)